Backpacks for back to school

Backpacks for back to school

When I was a minimoi I remember that getting a new backpack was almost as exciting going back to school after holidays. I even prepared my backpack one day earlier! I don’t know why but that smell of new had hipnotic powers on me.

That’s why today we are going to speak about backpacks for our minimoi, so that they can enjoy going back to school very much!

Skip hop

The superfamous skip hop backpacks are very popular amongst celebrities and they are so cute! Also you can find them in 2 versions: regular backpack and meal backpack; these ones have a special clothing that keeps food well refrigerated. I want the penguin one! I love it!

Backpacks for back to school 16


At nobodinoz they have these fox ones that I also like, and also the classic fabric backpack that is very simple but beautiful.

Backpacks for back to school 17

Coq en pâte

This brand has been a real discovery to me: Coq en pâte. Their animal designs are supercool and they have another saatchel version that I adore. You can find some saatchel ones at Baby Deli.

Backpacks for back to school 18

Backpacks for back to school 19

Linna Morata

And for retro lovers these amazing saatchels from Linna Morata, illustrated by the genius Alain Grée. I confess I want these ones for me but I don’t know if they are practical for minimoi…

Backpacks for back to school 20

And that’s all about backpacks, remember not to lose your hope although mr Rajoy has raised our taxes specially for school materials…shameless!

Anyway…Happy back to school!

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